Sixty-Eight Hours

That’s how long it will be until we’re on the plane this Friday — yes, that’s right, we’re flying on Friday the Thirteenth.   After we booked our flights and JP realized the date he joked that was a really good idea, but later admitted that he really was a tad nervous about it, as silly as it sounded when he said it out loud.  As for me, my thoughts are we’ll be hopping timezones quickly so it’ll be the 14th before we know it.  That doesn’t mean however that we’re going to miss out on saying a few prayers for safe travels.

The weekend was me stressing the frack out about this whole international move thing that we decided to embark on again.  JP spent the weekend trying to calm me down as much as he could.  Sally has figured out that some IS up, and she’s not sure what, but she’s NOT ok with it — so she’s been on the clingy side (which means if we’re in different rooms that she tries to herd us together).  Then again, her seeing our packed bags probably doesn’t help too much either!  Oh, and tomorrow morning she’s getting a bath, so we’ll add pissed off to the clingy crazy dog.  Ah life.

Today I was supposed to have a couple interviews, but one was delayed.  I was also supposed to get my hair cut, but that got delayed too as I goofily double booked myself with Skype, and then it turned out I could have gotten those bangs cut!  Ah life.  JP did manage to get his hair cut, AND he finally got to see Star Trek Into Darkness!  I have to admit, for me personally the newer movies have looked better on the big screen, whereas I feel like everything else that has been done translated well onto the small screen.  Still, CAPTAIN KIRK!

Wait… where was I? Oh! the interviews.  The one I had today did go pretty well.  I have a follow up next week to meet in person and see how well I do with the kids, etc, also a I have a couple others scheduled, and am waiting to hear back from a few other folks.  Needless to say, our first week in Berlin is going to be BUSY!  Between the running around I need to do on my own, we also need to get set up with the apartment, and get a bank account, and move in, as well as locate the closest bakery, grocery store, pick up a TV I found on craigslist and the mini oven.  Like I said, busy.  I have a feeling LOTS of coffee is going to be needed…

Today the nerves are starting to come on for both of us.  We’ve done the whole international move, and the whole move some place “cold turkey” before, but there is still a little anxiety.  Paired with that we’re both simply ready to be on our own again.  Not that we don’t like our families, and not that we’re completely ungrateful wretches, its just that we want a little more privacy again 😉  But in all seriousness, with all that has happened we’re very thankful we had our families to turn to.

Ok, enough random babbling for tonight.  I have another interview tomorrow, and JP and I are planning on finally hitting up Saint Arnold brewery for tomorrow’s tour!  Night internet.


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