Snapshot September: Not Constantinople (Saturday’s Picture on Sunday)

Sorry that yesterday’s picture is a
tad late.  The netbook was dead when we got
to Istanbul yesterday, and
by the time we made it to the hotel
in Berlin it was SO late and we were both
the kind of exhausted you can only
be after 24 hours of traveling.

That said, here’s my picture
for Sept. 14, 2013:


Turkish monies!

I had read somewhere online, and was misinformed
that Turkey was in the Euro-zone.
(proof that you should look at SEVERAL links!)

So we changed a 20 euro note and
ended up with over 50 lira, so we got
a couple of bottles of water
and an awesome box of pistachio
Turkish Delight!

Oh, and for good measure:

And now the song is stuck in your head!

You’re welcome 😉


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