Snapshot September: Hallo Schnute!

Today’s adventures in Berlin took us to
the Bärenzwinger or bear pit in Köllnischer Park.

And we got to see Schnute a 31-year old bear
roaming around the enclosure:


This pose her is one that she did quite
often in front of groups of people.  She would
pop her back food as you can see and move her
head in circles.  It was pretty cute, and I have
a feeling she knew that it was cute 😉

Some tourists were asking the keeper about her and
the pit, and he said that Schnute is most likely going to
be the last bear to reside in the pit because
by current zoological standards it is rather
small for an animal of her size, and especially
since more than one were kept here historically.

I knew this from reading an article here and there
prior to our outting today, but I have mixed feelings
on the subject.  On the one hand the enclosure
was on the small side, but on the other the
bears have been there since before the war,
and then there’s the whole bit about these bears
being the official symbols of Berlin.

Like I said complicated.

However, Schnute did look fairly happy 🙂


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