Berlin Two Weeks In

Last night marked the two week point from when we landed in Berlin.  Tuesday morning will be the two week mark for moving into the apartment (yes, yes, a video tour will be coming soon. promise!), and tomorrow marks the first day of the reason we came to Berlin.  The last two weeks have been filled with a load of changes, flights, jet lag, paperwork, getting our bearings and a few interviews for nannying again crammed in between.

The first thing that I noted and commented to JP about was how easy certain things feel this time.  For example, when we moved to Hamburg in 2010 I was terrified of the public transit or going anywhere by myself.  Granted, part of being terrified had to do with a bad experience I had when I went out by myself the first time, and lack of any German language skills.  This time around I feel like I have a handle on what’s going on, what to do, when to do it, etc.   We knew what kinds of things we should bring this time, we knew what we should leave behind, how to look for housing, what paperwork needed to be done the first week and what could be delayed a bit.

That said, the last two weeks haven’t been without challenges, just getting to know the new transit system has been SO much fun at times :p  But as I said, it does seem easier.  Being in Berlin, though much different from Hamburg — and I’m finding that I do really miss Hamburg, but I am nearly constantly reminded just how much I’ve missed Germany on the whole.  Life has a different pace here which I really do appreciate with nearly every fiber in my body.

I’ve read about how NYC bloggers have a similar experience with their city, and really I didn’t get it until we came back.  But now, cheesy as it sounds, I get it.  Well I should clarify, I don’t get the thing about NYC, I mean, the longest I’ve been there is a day, and that day was Black Friday (no I didn’t attempt to shop), so I didn’t get to do much, saw lots though! But I think I get the feeling, its a deep yearning hunger you have for a place, and it cannot be satisfied until you are in that particular place.  For me it just happens to be a place where I still struggle to string more than a handful of sentences together for a conversation or follow along without saying the English responses under my breath in Mass.  I still love it though, and while on some accounts uprooting our life back in Indiana was hard, some of those were harder than I’d like to admit, but even with all of that I still feel like following JP to Berlin was the right decision, and it is one that I will not regret, even when the going gets a little rough here and there.

When we were on the SBahn coming back from running around in the city after Mass I realized that all in all while the first 8 months of 2013 have had their share bumps and bruises and sweat and many, many tears, we’re going to be going out with a bang.  Life is going to continue to get better this year and things are going to continue to look up, even with a few bumps in the road.


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