Snapshot September: Fall is Nigh

Today after attending Mass at
St. Hedwig’s Cathedral
(side note: the tabernacle is gorgeous!!)
we decided to walk towards Alexanderplatz
and stopped at the Berliner Dom for a bit.

The leave are just beginning to change color,
and I have a feeling that it is going to be
really pretty in a couple weeks when all of the green
is gone.

That said, it wasn’t anything to
shake a stick at this afternoon:


We hit up the Alexanderplatz Okroberfest
for lunch again — this time instead of sausage we
snagged a ham hock, spätzel, sauerkraut,
and of course more beer.

This time JP made me use my German to
return the beer glasses and collect the pfand,
jerk. :p

Just kidding,  I should probably start ordering
food and interacting with cashiers more often
so I’m forced into using the tiny bit that
if required for those transactions.
Well, and I need to get my butt into a couple
intensive courses, but that will come shortly!


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