First Date Night in Berlin

So I was had planned on writing about our first date night out yesterday, but didn’t get around to doing it.  Guh, Lizzy you suck sometimes!  Anyway enough beating myself up about it, and now to tell zee internets about what went down.  Yo diggity. 

JP and I decided that we needed a honest to goodness date night which included a nice dinner out (no döner!) and perhaps a show.  We started out at Alexanderplatz and decided to hit up the Alexa mall to look for a lighter jacket for me and JP wanted a pair of sweatpants to lounge around the apartment in.   Our first stop upon entering was a bookstore, where we picked up a book about Berlin and a couple Christmas-themed pixi books.  Then the obligatory H&M trip to snag the items previously mentioned.

We ducked out of the mall through a back door and wandered around the backside of Alexanderplatz and found an old cloister  We then headed towards the Berliner Dom to see if they had started the light show yet.  It was a touch too light, so we headed down Unter den Linden to see what the Tor looked like all lit up — we weren’t disappointed:



How freaking cool does that look?  The Festival of Lights is going on until the 20th so we plan on scoping out the other locations and snagging pictures.  After we watched the scene change a few time before heading off to get out of the drizzle – note, leaves are VERY slick, I nearly landed on my butt multiple times that night – and grab some food.  I had wanted thai, JP wanted to get out of the rain, we both didn’t want Italian, so we settled on an Indian place near the Holocaust memorial.  And oh my goodness it was awesome. JP got butter chicken, I got chicken saag, and of course there was naan and rice.  Warm comforting food, that was exactly what we needed!

After dinner we walked around some more, checked out another area of town and decided to go grab a bottle of wine at the Friedricksstrasse station before heading home.  That is when the night got a little longer and a tad more exciting.  We were headed to the platform to catch the sbahn when we noticed that it smelled like fireworks, and as we neared the stairs we noticed smoke and a crap ton of security guards who were ushering everyone back up the stairs.  So we ended up having to walk from Friedricksstrasse to another station almost two kilometers away!  Talk about a heck of a diet plan.  And the funnier part about it is that we both admitted that we had felt guilty for eating a little more than we needed to.  Calorific consumption problems solved thanks to some asshat who lit something up at the station 😛

When we finally got home and checked the news the official story was that it was trash that had caught on fire due to a cigarette.  I actually find this funny and have to call shenanigans — the smoke did not smell like burning trash or a cigarette.  Also, smoking isn’t allowed at the stations, including the outdoor ones.  So yeah.  The official story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you where there.  But whatevs,  We had a memorable night, even if it included more walking in the drizzle than we had planned on partaking in 😉


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