Rawrsome Birkies!

I was going to blog about our trip to Potsdam Sunday afternoon, but then I got a little distracted by the internet and now feel the need to have a somewhat girly fashion-related post instead. So yay for a semi-girly post.  Go me?  Eh, it happens. Moving onward with it…

I’m sure I’ve talked about my love for my Birkenstocks that I got last time we were in Germany at least once.  In fact I know I have because I posted a picture of my newly acquired sandals way back when.   (Bonus: bright BLUE toenails!)  I was browsing the site earlier since I know that they happen to make shoes and clogs and as I’ve been experiencing some foot problems the last couple weeks – thank you year of hiking in steel toe boots! – I wanted to get some price estimates before I decide to go out and look for a pair since my two pairs of chucks don’t seem to be doing my feet any favors — that and the soles of one pair are already getting worn out!  Anyway, when I got onto the site I saw these beauties:

Image: 345081 Gizeh

And these:

Image: 269921 Molina

And then these:

Image: 946111 Yara

And finally these:

Image: 944591 Almere

(Image source: First Two, Second Two)

How freaking awesome do those all look?  I’m actually MOST taken with that first pair and those might just have to the the pair I bring back this time.  And I WAS thinking about getting a Gizah-style pair this time around.  Hmmm…  Anyway, I didn’t see any Birkie shoes that I really liked, so I might just end up stalking various Tchibo locations (that is IF I can get them in a store) and see about getting a pair of THESE to help with the unhappy foot issues, but we shall see.

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