A Sunday Saunter around Potsdam

Last Sunday after attending 11am Mass  JP and I decided to grab the sbahn to Potsdam and see what was there.  First stop after Mass was to grab an extension ticket for me and snag some much needed caffeine as we waited to make our first connection/transfer/whatever you want to call it.  Then after a second transfer it was about a 25 minute ride until we arrived at Potsdam, got off the train, grabbed a quick bite to eat (yay Falafal!) and then it was onto a few of the sights.

Our agenda included seeing a couple churches, the Dutch quarter, the Brandenburger Tor (yes, another one!), Sanssouci Palace and part of Sanssouci Park.  JP’s mantra throughout the day was “Preeeeety” followed by snapping a few pictures, and I know that he would have taken more if the battery hadn’t died. /sadface

Also the weather was AMAZING.  It had been stormy and rainy the week before so we weren’t sure how nice it was going to be, but as you’ll see, the sky was clear and it was in the 50s and it was awesome!  I don’t know how many more days like that we have left, but I plan to savor them while I can.

IMG_1431^dome of Nikolaikirche as seen from the train station^



IMG_1442^inside of Nikolaikirche^


^St. Peter und Paul Kirche – side view and Alter^


IMG_1479^Potsdam’s Brandenburger Tor!^

IMG_1465^one of JP’s “Preeeeety” pitcures 😉 ^

IMG_1489^Park Sanssouci heads^
(there were LOTS!)

IMG_1492^JP’s comment was “Neptune is dead, and we have killed him” as this was
the Neptunegrotte and Neptune was nowhere to be found! ^

IMG_1495^look! it’s a large yellow palace behind me! aka, Sanssouci!^


Given that we barely scratched the surface of Sanssouci Park, and there are LOTS of museums and a TON of other palaces and churches to see in Potsdam, combined with the fact that it is really close and cheap to travel there I have a feeling this was just the first of many trips.  I told JP as we walked back from the train station that I wanted to see if it would be at all possible to take a cruise from Berlin to Potsdam.  How pretty would that be?  




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