More Pictures from the Berlin Festival of Lights!

This weekend was the last few nights of Festival of Lights.

Friday JP met me downtown after a tutoring gig,
we grabbed a bite to eat and started to walk from
Alex to the Berliner Dom and then took the train
to Potsdamerplatz before heading home
for some more of the ongoing Harry Potter
“marathon” we have going.

Pictures from Friday night:

IMG_1506^The “Spargel” had ALL kinds of crazy lights happening^


^Even the Kaufhof had something projected! ^
Granted, it was along with the window displays
for Lindt Diva, making it a big advertisement,
but it still looked pretty awesome!

At some point I’m going to have to get a
box of those truffles.  They look pretty awesome.
I wonder if there is a DIVA advent calendar? Hmm…

The Berliner Dom had some pretty awesome
projections, here are four that we were
able to capture fairly well:

IMG_1533IMG_1540IMG_1542 IMG_1543

Can I take a moment to vent for a second?
I get that if you’re traveling you want to try
to get good shots of the things you see,
BUT the big problem I had while we were watching
the light show at the Dom was all of the FREAKING TRIPODS!
We couldn’t get anywhere near the center because
we would have risked tripping over more
legs than a centipede has to do so.

Also, stopping in the
middle of a busy sidewalk to set up
your camera equipment and getting upset
when people won’t make room or bump into
you seems just a little ridiculous to me.

Like I said, I GET wanting to get good pictures,
I like it when we get good pictures,
but seriously people, realize that there are other
people around you who want to see things
and get a couple shots in too!

Moving on… Potsdamerplatz!

IMG_1552^I LOVE this shot!^
JP did an awesome job
of getting the whole projection,
the bahnhof and a chunk of the wall.

IMG_1554The lights looked cool from here,
but wait…


I think this picture captures the awesome
that was the festival!!


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