“Are you ready for your maritals?”

That was the phrase uttered by my dear husband last night as we got into bed. Nothing was behind it, it just popped out and we laughed for about 15 minutes about what the heck “maritals” where before turning out the light to go to sleep.  I told JP about three seconds after he asked me that the image of the tortoises from that one Futurama episode popped into my head. Noooo idea why, but JP thought that paired with is question about “maritals” was pretty funny.

File:Naturama preview 2.png

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This morning when finally pulled my body out of bed (gotta love getting the sickies — and before family and friends make any assumptions, no not pregnant!) this morning after JP left for class I started thinking about this whole “martials” thing, and the whole being married state and my husband.  There’s a blog post that’s been making the rounds through my friends list on facebook (including my mom!), and I do have to admit that there have been a few times where we’ve struggled with what is discussed in the post, and I must admit that those are the times when I am least happy with our relationship.  After talking about the whole marriage dynamic JP is in agreement.  Being married in the end isn’t about yourself, it really is about the person you choose to marry.

Also, during my self-reflection between attempting to administer OTC remedies to help myself out this morning I realized that in the end I really am one lucky lady for having found JP and putting a ring on it.  I honestly can’t think of another person I’d rather have decided to spend the rest of my life with, let alone how much of an adventure has married life been since we got married four years ago?  Before him I didn’t have any idea that I would actually move to Europe, let alone have done it twice now.   Not to mention the numerous little things that happen on a daily basis that make being married to him pretty great.

Don’t get me wrong, our marriage is work, but as long as we’re in this thing together (which I should mention really is until death do us part – we take the vow we made before God and our loved ones very seriously), I don’t think I’m going to mind having to work at it occasionally and enjoying being together the rest of the time.  Who else in the world will still think I’m the best looking person in the room when I wake up with bedhead (which can be c-r-a-z-y with bangs) and bad breath, or who is willing to massage my feet after a really long day?  I guess what I’m trying to say is that cheesy as it sounds, I really do think that I married my best friend, I fall in love with him more every day, and I look forward to seeing what adventures life brings us between school, jobs, moves, dogs and future kidlets.


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