I got a Cronut!

First, a little BACKGROUND for those
of you who may not know what
the heck a “cronut” is.

I found my particular specimen from
a Netto market when I was hanging out
with Brother Bear earlier in the week:


Now, obviously there are differences between this
thing that the original — and my guesstimation is
only from pictures since not being from NYC I haven’t
eaten any aside from this.

I ended up buying this later in the day
-think after 3pm-
so it was already a little on the staler
side, but it was still interesting.

Not sure I liked it, but at the same
time I’m not sure I disliked it.

I think more testing is in order 😉

Also, at the time of this post being written,
JP pointed out that we STILL haven’t
eaten any Berliners (the pastry that is) since
we’ve gotten here.  Sounds like we need to
get on remedying that STAT!


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