Friday Fives: When You Take a Bear to Ikea

I literally just walked in the door from running around Ikea for a good hunk of the morning with Brother Bear while his mom was at the dentist.  Why would willingly take a little one to Ikea you ask?  Well, first off, it was raining so the park wasn’t a viable option — water + sand = muddy toddler!; and second, why wouldn’t you take a little one to a place where the staff doesn’t frown if they climb all over everything?  I enjoyed it, and I’m pretty sure that BB enjoyed it because by the time his mom got him he had passed out in my arms and we were chilling on a big yellow couch! I really wish I had thought to take the camera, but I didn’t so you’ll just have to read about our morning.  Here are five things that we did:

(image source)

one// Eat Breakfast
By the time Mrs. Bear and Brother Bear
arrived to Ikea BB was REALLY hungry.
Mrs. Bear said that they had tried to give him breakfast
earlier this morning but he wasn’t at ALL interested,
meaning that by the time they arrived at 9:45 he
was REALLY hungry.  So our first stop was
the cafe!  This took about 45 minutes of our time too.

(image source)

two// Walk Through the Entire Showroom a Time or Three
I should take a moment here to say that I did NOT
have a stroller with me while at Ikea earlier – meaning
that Brother Bear (I mentioned he was a toddler right?)
had to walk 98% of the time we were there which was
AWESOME because he was totally worn out by the end
of the morning!  And he loved the fact that
he could climb all over the furniture, open and close
all the drawers and doors, and play peek-a-boo everywhere!

(image source)

three// Try EVERY Single Chair in the Showroom
I seriously felt like we were channeling the whole
“That one was is too hard, this one is too soft” thing.
A bigger plus was if the chair spun around!

(image source)

four// PLAY!
All three times we wrapped up our walk through
the showroom we stopped at the kids’ section and
Brother Bear played with the toys.  The first time around
the play kitchen was the big thing, the second time we
had to talk to each and every kind of stuffed toy, and finally
the third time we played with the train tracks!
Is there any wonder why he was exhausted and
fell asleep before his mom came back?

ikea holiday wine(my own image!)

five// Buy WINE!
Ok, so technically I didn’t do this with Brother Bear,
I did this after Mrs. Bear picked him up, BUT I figured
since Ikea was nice enough to allow us to romp around
there for a couple hours I should buy SOMETHING,
even if that something wasn’t what I had planned to get
when I left to meet up with Mrs. Bear and Brother Bear this morning.
(I had planned on getting advent candles and looking
at Christmas decor, but by the time we headed downstairs,
Brother Bear was getting tired and then he fell asleep!)
JP and I had bought a bottle of the red wine on the
right, and it was pretty good.  I’m looking forward
to trying the two white ones — and really, for about
3 euros per bottle you can’t go wrong 😉

So in all seriousness, if its rainy and you have a little one, Ikea is not the worst
place in the world you can end up during the week 🙂


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