The Grimms!


Last month on a Tuesday afternoon JP and I decided to look up where the Grimm brothers were buried.  As it turns out the cemetery where they are is just a couple train stops away from us.  The weather, which had been rainy and cool most of that week, decided to be fairly pleasant for the couple hours we needed for our jaunt.

Can I just take a moment to say that it was pretty awesome?  The Grimm Bothers are significant to what JP is doing for his doctorate because they helped make the study of German literature what it is today, and it can totally be argued that Jakob Grimm was one of the first Medievalists in the sense that JP is one.  Pretty cool, right?

So, I had planned on posting about a few things (this included of course) right after they happened last month, and then class started and I got busy.  But my German is better now than it was!  Also, better late than never as far as blog posts go, right?  Anyway, in addition to seeing posts about our adventures this month, I’m going to be doing a bit of catch up too!


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