Friday Fives: Rice Krispy Treats with Tex

I spent my Black Friday not shopping – ok, a little big of an over exaggeration, because shopping was done, just not for super discounted stuff. Instead I spent the afternoon with Tex so his parents could work while he avoided a virus going around at his school.  As always, it was a blast!

I had something special in mind, and we made rice krispy treats!  I wanted to do something Americana with Tex since Thanksgiving was the day before, but I figured baking a pumpkin pie was a little complicated, but as rice krispy treats are a snack staple in the US and super easy I figured it would be perfect! Our afternoon included going to the store in search of ingredients (all of which we found!), and then going back and making up the gooey treats.  Here are a few shots from that afternoon:


one// the marshmallows we found were a brand called “Rocky Mountain” and we found them in three sizes, normal, GIGANTIC, and they had a spot for mini but were fresh out.  We opted for the normal.  two// since we didn’t have mini marshmallows we had to cut the ones we bought into smaller pieces so they’d melt faster. three// greasing the pan!  if you’ve made these before you know that this is one of the most IMPORTANT steps if you hope to actually eat the treats. four// action shot!  melting butter and my fabulous helper tossing in the marshmallow bits.  five// spreading the mixture in our pan.  then it was the hardest part, waiting for it to cool!

After we played and read for a while and the treats were cooled Tex gave them his stamp of approval.  Score for Lizzy!  Also, as I introduced these to the Munchkins in Hamburg I had to do this with the awesome kids I’ve met in Berlin.  Now I just need to make them with the Three Amigos and Brother and Sister Bear 😀


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