A Snowy Jaunt around Wittenberg!

Last Saturday morning we woke a little later than planned and made a mad dash to the sBahn to catch the regional train with time to grab a cup of coffee before the train was at our platform.  If you hadn’t guessed, our destination was the Lutherstadt Wittenberg!  We were a little worried that we weren’t going to have time to see all the sights, but as the 700th anniversary of the whole 95 theses is coming up in a couple years both of the large churches were (mostly) closed to the public — we did make it into the Schlosskirche for a guided tour though!

It snowed the entire day we were there, BUT it didn’t stick, so it wasn’t too cold while the sun was up, and the snow flurries made the entire day really really pretty!  Here’s a smattering of the pictures from our trip:

IMG_1758^one of the first pictures we took as we approached the Altstadt^
How pretty is it?!

IMG_1756^There was a LOT of really awesome architectural elements all over^


IMG_1764^Shot of the Stadtkirche.^
Sadly we didn’t get to go in due to it being closed
for restoration.

IMG_1768^Wittenberg Christmas Market and Luther^

IMG_1772^Looking down the street towards the Schlosskirche^

IMG_1779^JP in front of the door^
You can’t tell from his face, blame the cold,
but he was REALLY excited to see it even if we couldn’t
get up close and personal.  Heck he was excited the entire day.
Gotta love being married to a Medievalist 😉

I should take a moment to take a minute to thank JP for putting up with my “stupid Lutheran” questions while we were there.  As I’m a cradle-Catholic my knowledge of Luther history and theology is somewhat limited.  And while JP entered the Catholic Church this last Easter, he was raised Lutheran and still does a lot of research on the era and Luther’s writings due to his field, so during most of the day I was picking his brain for LOTS of information.  So thank you dear husband-man for putting up with me 😉

IMG_1799^Schlosskirche pulpit^
We were able to go on a guided tour to
see what we could of the Schlosskirche.
As you can see, LOTS of construction stuff EVERYWHERE.
This is the pulpit where Martin Luther preached,
and if I remember correctly it is the original woodwork!

IMG_1800^Heading down the other main street^
You can see the Stadtkirche towers on the right.

IMG_1801^How pun-tastic is this?^
And if we had seen this advertisement before
we ate lunch we TOTALLY would have gone to
eat “wittenburgers” instead of the Italian we opted for.
Eh, something for next time 😉
Also, this is PROOF that Germans DO have a sense of humor!

IMG_1785^Lucas Cranach was gracious enough^
to let me peek over his shoulder to see what
he was working on.

IMG_1790^How awesome is this tour guide’s outfit?^
JP and I guessed that he was probably
the warmest person in this tour group that we passed.
(tourist faces blurred out of respect of privacy)

IMG_1817^The Ten Commandments as done by the Cranach Workshop^
We also bought a print to bring home 🙂


IMG_1874^What remains of Luther’s study.^
When we dashed outside to get a closer look
(without coats I should add)
both of us geeked out and smacked our hands
against the bricks.
Why you may ask? Well, that has to do with both
JP and me being HUGE dorks and having a thing
about touching all the old buildings we can!
(did the same thing last time we where in Germany)

IMG_1848^The Luther Family living room!^
What is really freaking cool about it is that
the room is pretty much intact from when they were
actually living there in the 16th century!!
When we walked in JP took pictures and moved on,
I read the info thing, geeked out and pulled him back in,
and then we both proceeded to geek out.
Did I mention we’re dorks?

IMG_1847^Katerina von Bora’s rosary!^

IMG_1866^Luther’s death portrait^


IMG_1877^and a copy of his death mask^


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