Go Speed Reader, Go Speed Reader, Go Speed Reader, Go!

Upon seeing how far I’ve gotten in Fiddlehead yesterday afternoon:

JP: Wait, didn’t you just start that book this morning?

Me: Well technically I read the first four chapters last night… and now I’m starting chapter twelve.

JP: Is there really any point in buying you books?

Me: If you recall, my library card was really well used.  And this is also why I check out 8-12 at a time.

So yeeeeaaah… JP ordered me the last installment of Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century as an early Christmas present when he needed to order some other books from amazon.de.  I’ve been holding off until the break for Christmas holidays — and that was mainly because I didn’t want it to get banged up in my bag from being roughly handled because of jamming into my bag.  Aaand I’ll probably be done with it later tonight. 🙂


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