Day Trip to Dresden

The weekend before Christmas (and the hospital fun) JP and I got up before the you-know-what of dawn to grab a train to the beautiful city of Dresden.  We arrived before any of the Christmas markets opened, and just as the book shops in the train station were rolling up their gate.  Since I was a goof and forgot the food I had planned on bringing for breakfast we snagged a very nutritious breakfast from the Ditsch stand — not gonna lie, while the mini pizza was fresh it kinda felt like breakfast the night after a slumber party.  We also snagged a city map and some OJ before we set out for a day exploring the Altstadt.

IMG_1895^we arrived before any of the Markets were open and full of people^
It was kind of nice to be able to walk around by ourselves 😉

IMG_1896^Berlin has the Ampelmann, BUT Dresden has the AMPELFRAU!!^


IMG_1900^Archaeological dig of the old Jewish Quarter^

IMG_1902 IMG_1908
^Seriously, Dresden is gorgeous!!^












IMG_1953^And of course we had to walk across the Elbe to get a panoramic shot 😉 ^




IMG_1964^I made a friend!^

IMG_1965^Whooo Christmas Market madness!!
And a sampling on the goodies you could buy:






A single day was NOT enough time to see everything, though we did go with the intention of just sampling the city.  There are lots more sites and museums to head go to — all we squeezed in was the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, but hey we can say that we’ve seen the famous Rafael with the chubby Angels! — plus I’d really really REALLY love to be able to do a dinner cruise on the Elbe.  Plus it might be nice to be able to walk around this city without slipping everywhere.  Seriously, the ice made the first part of the day interesting.  I almost slipped and JP DID slip — thankfully he didn’t break anything.

So, until next time Dresden!


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