(not so)Wordless Wednesday: CITRUS SEASON!

Can you guess what one of my favorite things about winter is?

And oh my goodness internet friends of
mine, I have been INDULGING like a
MAD person since getting out of the hospital.
No, seriously, first day out
(ok, well second since everything was closed Jan 1)
we bought a HUGE crate of clementines which I
decimated in a couple days and we’ve since bought at
least five more bags.
(which is perfect because doctor and dentist have said I
need to increase my Vitamin C intake to re-establish my immune system)

But this week is the WEEK OF WEEKS because LOOK:



And the this bag has SO many really pretty ones
with beautiful ombre flesh and the taste is DIVINE!

Now if you’ll excuse me,
I’m going to go eat another 😀


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