Friday Fives: Popular Shows… that I don’t get!

Everyone has been there.  A new (or new to you) show is on that your friends and family RAVE about and insist that you MUST watch it because it will change. your. freakin. life.  So when you finally plop your butt down to watch via your chosen method, be it netflix, marathon on TV, borrowed box set, or other.  You get through the pilot and figure most pilots aren’t great so you give it a few more episodes and hope against all odds that it improves, then when it doesn’t and you have that conversation about what you thought about it with that enthusiastic family member or friend and have to admit that it wasn’t your, erm, cup of tea, followed by bracing yourself for the onslaught of “HOW CAN YOU NOT THING (insert title here) IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVA?!!”.

It’s not just me right? You’ve been there too.  Right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, this week I present five of those shows.  And before I begin, I’m sorry if one of your favorites has made the list, so please keep in mind that this is from MY perspective, and it is not at all intended to be insulting.  So please don’t crucify me too much in the comments section.

one// Sex and the City

I was first introduced to SatC in college. I kinda sorta maybe liked Charlotte.
And Miranda was kinda cool, but I couldn’t relate at all to Carrie or Samantha.
And then the plot of most of the episodes annoyed me.  I spent a good part of
the time going “who cares?”.  After we moved to Bloomington I even checked
the first season out from the library and watched it in the entirety and STILL
didn’t get the draw of it.  Maybe this is proof that my ability to like girl stuff is broken?

(Image source)

two// Girls

I know what you’re thinking — how can I not ADORE Girls?  And isn’t Lena Dunham
a genius? Um… nope!  I don’t feel at all that the characters or the situations presented in
the show are an example of what it’s like to be a Millennial. And I actually find it to be
somewhat offensive.  I feel like all the characters on the show are INCAPABLE of simply
sucking it up and becoming the grown ups that they need to be after college.

(image source)

As JP so eloquently put it:
“All this show embodies is our generation’s tendency to celebrate
themselves for doing absolutely nothing.”

Like I said.  The characters need to grow a pair and grow up.

And I mean what the heck is with seeing Hannah’s butt all the time?
And apparently that was a question that a reporter asked last week that made those
who work on the show go into a “rage spiral“.  I don’t get it.

I should also say that I gave Girls a bigger chance than I did with Sex and the City.
I watched BOTH seasons, but I will not be watching the third.

three// Firefly

Ok, call the geek police because I do not like Firefly.

(image source)

Yeah yeah yeah, I know.  How can I claim to be a geek but not LOVE
a show about space cowboys that was done by Joss Whedon?! What the hell is
wrong with you woman?! BURN THE HERETIC!!

I have actually ACTIVELY tried to like Firefly.  I really did want to like Firefly.
But there is just something about it that doesn’t grab my attention.  It took me
four freaking years to get through the pilot, and that was because I finally forced myself
to sit down and watch it.  And even to this day I haven’t made it past the
fourth or fifth episode.

Yes, I know it’s only a season long, and yes I know that I’m probably
missing ALL KINDS of geek references, but I simply cannot watch it. And I really do
like some of the actors in the show. But it just doesn’t do it for me.

So, now that’s out in the open, cue the angry geek mob!

four// Torchwood

You would think that if someone likes Doctor Who and all the wonderful
things that come with the sonic screwdriver and the blue box that Torchwood would
be a natural progression — similar to Sherlock.  But again:

(image source)

I wasn’t a particular fan of Captain Jack when he was somewhat
regular in Doctor Who, and completely lost interest after a couple
episodes of Torchwood.  Don’t get me wrong, the concept is
cool, but the show was NOT for me.

Now if we could only convince Netflix that we might not like
this since we liked Doctor Who.  I’ve noted it on the account
but Netflix doesn’t seem convinced.

five// Dexter

And finally we get to Dexter.  I have LOADS of friends who simply
love this show and are very passionate about their fandom.

I couldn’t get through the first episode.  I was literally SICK mid-way through.
Which I know in someways doesn’t make sense because I absolutely LOVE
the show Hannibal.  Ok, to me it makes sense.  Dexter being a Showtime series means
that it is indeed much MORE graphic than Hannibal which is on Prime Time.


(image source)
So there you have it.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go prepare a horde proof bunker as I’m SURE that I’ve offended someone somewhere on the internet with this post 😉


One thought on “Friday Fives: Popular Shows… that I don’t get!

  1. The only one of these I have watched is Dexter, and I totally get your point. I didn’t start watching until it was on Netflix, and while I can usually “binge” & watch entire seasons at a time…not with Dexter. Also can’t watch it before bed or I have crazy nightmares (no other show/movie has ever done this). I still like it, but definitely have to prepare myself for it!

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