A Day in the Life – January 2014

So this is one of the brand spanking new features that I thought was “brilliant” in the hospital.  I actually like reading these types of posts from other bloggers, so I thought “why not?”.  I chose to do this on the 18th because I was born on the 18th of June.  I don’t think I can explain it more than that… anyway, let’s get going!
(note, I back dated this post by couple hours because well, I was in no shape to finish it yesterday!)

00:10-ish am// back from watching Tex and having fun visiting with his parents.
00:15// JP and I check email, log into Watchever (German Netflix) and start an episode of Doctor Who
1:15-ish// Head to bed.

9:30// up, head to the bathroom, feeling sick to go back to bed for a couple hours hoping the headache and other things will go away.  I do NOT want to be sick again so soon after the jaunt in the hospital.

12:30// out of bed.  oh great, aunt flow is here and she is acting like godzilla.  well that explains earlier this morning…. wander into the front room and flop on the couch feeling nauseous.
12:45// reserve tickets to go see The Hobbit later this afternoon.  check email, look at pinterest, the research for a writing assignment aaaaand back to the bath room.  oh nausea, you are a cruel mistress. JP asks if we need to skip the movie this afternoon.
13:15// lay back down for a few minutes.
13:30// up and getting dressed.  JP is getting ready to take bottles and do some shopping.  say bye to JP.
13:45// back to computer to read over more research and start this post.
13:52// back to the bathroom, actually throw up, which was oh-so-fun with nothing in my stomach.  we are definitely not going to The Hobbit.
13:56// back to computer to try to read research, type the first couple entries.
14:02// feeling exhausted, lay on couch and watch disney channel hoping that my head stops spinning.
14:14// JP gets home from shopping, I fall asleep on the couch.
19:00// Wake up, try to eat some apple sauce and get some water into me.  Now I have a slight fever and am FREEING.  JP starts one of the Miyziaki movies I got for Christmas.
21:00// Throw up all the water.  Not fun.
21:30// JP gets me some medicine, I try some jello and more still water.  We watch a couple episodes of Doctor Who.
approx 23:00// Woke up after dozing off on couch (again), head to bed and fall asleep.

/End January 18, 2014

So yeah, today was GOING to be more exciting, but my body decided to be a butt. :p  Next month should be more interesting.  I just need to get my darn immune system to be stronger!


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