a post about a little bit nothing

Hi there internet people.  Was ist los?  It seems that winter just might have arrived in Berlin.  Yesterday when in Brother Bear’s part of town there was an ice storm — we went to pick up Sister Bear from kindergarten and a trip that normally takes 15 minutes took us 40 between the slipping and sliding on the sidewalks and the public transit delays.  The weather was the same around Alexanderplatz when I went to class, including a 30 minute Ubahn delay. Oiy.

But get this, where our apartment is in the southern part of town the sidewalks were DRY!  Aaaand it was a HECK of a lot warmer.  Gotta love little bubbles of weather in the same city :p

Today is snow though.  It looks like we’re being dusted with powdered sugar and it is slowly accumulating.  We’ll see if it gets above a centimeter or two.

I also need to finish my graduate school applications because its due in… 10 days.  I keep feeling like I’m running into  WALL with writing my statement about why I want to go to that program.  It isn’t that I don’t know why, its more that I’m having issue putting the words to paper, or well in this case, what will be a PDF 😛

Then the whole not being sick (btw, sorry for the debbie downer of a post Saturday!  I really had planned on that day being more awesome), but not being quite well is getting me down.  I’m tired of being tired.

Ok, I’m meeting up with Sarah for lunch and a jaunt to look for a new pair of jeans.  As always, more blogging later!


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