Another Quick Post

So the last week has been suuuuper busy in a non-busy sort of way.  Do you know what I mean?  I wanted to drop in and say hi really quick though!

Last week Berlin got the first REAL snow storm — the one in December (I think?) didn’t count as the snow didn’t really stick around.  Along with the snow came some FREAKING cold weather.  Like go-outside-wearing-leggings-under-your-jeans-and-you-still-end-up-frozen-in-less-than-10-minutes cold over the weekend.  So to avoid the cold JP and I (finally) got year passes to the State Museums and hung out at the Bode Museum for a couple hours on Saturday.  While the passes were a touch pricy all at once, I think we’ll be happy about the purchase in the long run.  They get us into 19 museums across the city as often as we want!  And I totally plan on taking a couple of the little guys I’m watching a few times.

We also decided to attend a board game day through a local group on Sunday, and are looking forward to more meet ups with the people we met and want to meet more.  The group already has plans a-brewing for Tabletop Day in April, so yay!

Aside from that, it’s just us keeping warm and going about life as normal here.  And with that, I have some homework I need to tweak before my class tonight (almost done with A2.1!!).  Ciao internet.  Until later.


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