Hi there February!

So first off, I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!  Secondly, here’s hoping the Broncos kick the Seahawks tuckuses during the game (don’t you agree dad?).  And thirdly, I’m hoping you are wrong about the whole 6 more weeks of winter Mr. Punxsutawney Phil — a few more weeks wouldn’t bug me, but I want to be able to wear skirts again without having to wear tights and two pairs of leggings with knee-high wool socks under :p  Though, more winter would probably be a GOOD thing for the Olympics…  How about more winter JUST in Russia?  Think that can happen?

In other news, this is the second week that JP and I have taken advantage of the year passes we bought to the state museums — this week it was the Gemaeldegalerie for a couple hours, which we followed with coffee at the Austrian cafe in the Arkaden, which by the way is getting DECKED out for The Berlinale!!

berlinale coming

Which means that we get to see The Grand Budapest Hotel this week (it just happens to have snagged the spot of opening film!)!!  Plus in addition to a whole bunch of newer films there will be showings of a BUNCH of classics, so eeesh!  Aaaand we’re working out our list of the other must-sees and trying to nail down our Valentine’s weekend plans.  Oiy!  This week is going to be a busy one :p


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