Friday Fives: Etsy Edition – Berlin Pretties

This week’s FF: Etsy Edition is going to be all about some of the wonderful pretty baubles I’ve been oogling for a couple weeks now. This list contains five of the sellers with more adult or more mature jewelry.  As much as I love the more fun kiddie-type things (and don’t think a FF list isn’t coming of those!), I realized that the closer I’m getting to 30 (which I’ll grant you isn’t for a couple years!) the more adult I feel like I need to dress.  Also, to be real for a moment, I have chosen to put myself in a field where looking grown up when you’re not doing field work is a plus, and the “fun” jewelry and (tasteful!) graphic tees really should be limited for casual Friday every once in a while and the weekend. Not that I can’t have some fun jewelry, its just that I feel like I’m to the point where to be taken seriously I probably shouldn’t be sporting octi earrings everyday. Or is it that I’m just getting old and boring?  Eh, whatevs!

Also, as Saint Valentine’s Day is on the horizon I figured that a post about shiny pretty jewelry that I really like would be perfect.  *hinthinthusband*  Enjoy these Berliner jewelrysmiths!

one// LiebeUndKraft

Necklace with Golden Triangle - Fire Opal Glas - Vintage - Ethno - Art déco

(Image Source Listing)

I really really love the combination of gold with the faux (in a good way!) fire opal.
The composition of the piece and the placement of the gem reminds me of old-timey
alchemy symbology, and I think that it has a classic modern look.

two// VillaSorgenfrei

(Image Source Listing)

Oh where to begin with this piece?  First off, it has a very antique-y look about it that I simply
adore, but then on TOP of that there is dandelion fluff inside the glass!
You can get the glass set horizontally, but personally I like the pendanty-ness of the
vertical arrangement.

three// XeinaKuhn

Lt. turquoise leather ring with key charm

(Image Source Listing)

This is a slightly more casual piece.  I love the color of the leather paired with
the patine of the metal keys.  I think this would be awesome paired with an outfit worn
to peruse through a farmer’s market or flea market on a lazy Saturday morning
where you meet up with friends at a local bakery for coffee or a light lunch.

four// Rutherford and Fairfax

Sapphire Twig Studs

(Image Source Listing)

Branch earrings, yes please!  These make the nature girl at heart that I am so so SO
happy!  I love the fact that, as the seller describes, these were cast from real little
pieces of branches that were picked up in one of the Berlin parks.

five// gudbling

(Image Source Listing)

Mixed media jewelry is great because it can be worn in so many different situations and
with so many different outfits.  For example, this would look good paired with a button-up
shirt, pencil skirt and heels for the office AND it would look equally as awesome with
skinny jeans, a tunic top and ankle boots.  Am I right?


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