St. Valentine Hopes (for my sisters and brother!)

With it being Saint Valentine’s Day and all I’ve been in a rather contemplative mood.  This will be the fifth year that JP will be my valentine — fun fact, on our first Valentine’s Day together we both gave the other Star Trek-themed gifts, and it was NOT planned at all.  My sisters claimed it was further proof that we were destined for each other since our geeky-ness was synced 😀

However this five-year anniversary isn’t what has me all introspective and philosophizing.  Rather I’ve been reflecting on our relationship and thinking about how I hope and pray that my sisters and brother find someone who is going to makes their lives just as amazing as JP has made mine.  And I promise that living in Germany hasn’t been the only reason that life together has been amazing.  I really couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else for the rest of our life together.  Let along imagine anyone else being the father of my future babies.  (side-note: JP was the most stinking cute little kid.  one of these days I’m going to conspire with his mom to embarrass the heck out of him and post pictures here.)

What I hope for Katie, Meghan, Peter and Mary is that they find someone who makes them feel like they’ve hit the jackpot every single day.  This doesn’t mean that every single day has to be all roses and chocolate, heck there are days that you will probably not like the other person a whole lot, but you will want to make up with them on the sooner side, and you will feel drawn to doing so.

I hope that they find someone that they love spending time with. Someone who makes those not-so-great sick days or the normal boring days more fulfilling.  Someone who it feels good to just be around.  A someone who makes the simplest night at home something wonderful, comfortable and special.

I hope that they find someone who can make them laugh, and who they have stupid little inside jokes with.  That they will have those times where just looking at the other person, something unspoken passes and all of the sudden they’re gasping for breath from laughing so hard.

I hope that my sisters find a gentleman and my brother finds a real lady.  After I started dating JP Meghan and Katie started to refer to him as my manfriend instead of my boyfriend.  I hope my wonderful siblings find someone who is mature and has the same ideas when it comes to dating as we were brought up to have.  That they find someone who is using dating as a tool to figure out if the other person is their someone too.

I hope that my sisters and brother find someone who they can have real meaningful conversations with.  That they find someone who is ok and comfortable with silence.  Someone who just gets them.

I hope that they find someone who teases in a good-natured manner and who can handle being teased.  That their someone  knows when the teasing has gone too far and when to stop before it becomes cruel.  That if they happen to hit a sore spot they realize it and apologize for crossing the line.

There are many many other things I hope, but most of all I hope that they find someone who will love them, cherish them and bring them closer to God.  And I pray for you my dear sisters and brother everyday, as well as for your future spouses!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day internet!  I hope that there is plenty of chocolate to make your day awesome.  I’m off to go buy more stinking OJ since JP and I have the flu 😛


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