A Day in the Life – February 2014

And it’s FEBRUARY!  Tuesdays are nice since I don’t normally have any kiddos I’m wrangling during the day, so JP and I have the day for us, well, except for my German class in the evening.  Today turned out to be a pretty laid back day typical day for JP and I.

7:30ish//  up and awake.  stumble into the kitchen to make coffee, check email, send several emails, facebook sweep
8:30ish// onto youtube!  JP and I watch the latest Co-Optitude and update on Super Mario Warfare (if you haven’t seen this web series seriously take a look.  It is pretty awesome!), between shows I wander into the kitchen for a coffee warm-up, talk about plans for the day
9:30// wash hair, dress, log onto wordpress to start this post, attempt a blowout (yup, still suck at them), slap a touch of makeup on
10:00// look up things to do in Rome, catch up on my blog reading list, look at train, flight and car prices for Vienna and Prague
10:30// head out to run errands and grab a early lunch at our favorite imbiss in Berlin. go SHAWARMA!
11:30// back from errands, work more on spring travel plans, open all windows to air out apartment, work on various blog projects, read a little more of the once and future king
14:02// booked trip to Amsterdam in May! Holy Bargain Basement Batman!
14:50// begin to put together written plan for Rome trip while JP runs to the bank, intermixed with doing various things around the apartment.
15:45// chat with some friends online, talk to JP about dinner ideas
16:02// find link to Vatican Webcams and geek out a bit
16:30// early dinner since I have class! made thermos of coffee, packed bag with books and such
17:15// leave for class
18:00 to 21:00// class! wheeeeee!! german grammar :p
21:02// SHOOT out of class in hopes that I’ll catch the 21:05 train… and just miss it!
21:35// board RE train to head home
21:50// home!
22:00// prep for next day since Wednedays are spent with Brother Bear, boil some chicken for easy lunched during the week and get ready for bed.
22:35// finish up this post

/End Febrary 18, 2014 and with that, I’m headed off to bed!


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