Another Quiet Weekend and Binging on Doctor Who

Last weekend marked an oh-so-romantic St. Valentine’s for JP and me with cough syrup, pain meds and antibiotics. Unfortunately this weekend has turned out somewhat similarly.  I’m back on yet another round of antibiotics as of Friday afternoon (doctor assured us that I’m not contagious though! I just feel like crap) due to an infection in my larynx of all things. Like I said to JP last night, so far 2013  err… 2014 has been a test of the whole “in sickness and in health” part of our vows. :p  Here’s to hoping that March brings better health!  especially since we have a BUNCH of traveling and Meg is visiting!!

Anyway, so while the absolutely beautiful weather has been driving this girl nuts with needing to stay inside and not over-stress the lungs JP and I have been binging on pretty much all things Doctor Who from finishing Series 6 and starting Series 7 (so we’re behind, sue us :p ) on Watchever (think German Netflix), watching the Who’s Who special about the first 11 Doctors (probably should have left off the 11th episode, to quote River Song, spoilers), and I’ve been having a hay-day pinning a crap-ton of Doctor Who themed things to my Geekery Board on Pinterest, aaaand I just might have drawn 8 Tardis’ in different colors last night between blowing my nose every 2 minutes.

Le Sigh.

I really am tired of being sick, and I KNOW that JP is ready to have a full night of sleep without me keeping him awake with coughing. 😛

Ok, so this was a post about basically nothing.  I’m going to go ahead and end on this note.  Also, if you blog or vlog PLEASE think about doing the 30 days of happiness blog project!!  It is a TON of fun 😀


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