2014 30 Days of Happiness – Day 12: Janeway!

2014 Happy Day 12

Ok, now for more proof that I was just as geeky as a middle schooler
as I am now.  My role model in middle school was:

(Image Source)

Yup, my middle school self was in LOVE with Captain Janeway!
I was an all around Trekkie from a young age, but, aside from TOS,
Voyager was the show that I watched religiously and got very
emotionally involved in. I actually sobbed at the conclusion!

Also, I find it just a little bit awesome that IU is in Bloomington
since she’s going to be born there 😉

If I had known that I would move there someday
when I was in middle school there would have been a HUGE
amount of fangirl screaming akin to how girls my age
reacted at a Backstreet Boys or NSYNC concert.

So if I ever met Kate Melgrew I would totally give her a big
bear hug and thank her for her role in Voyager.  Kathryn Janeway
is just what this girl’s geeky younger self needed.

Another HAPPY Blogger:


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