Friday Fives: Megs is a-Comin’

So, my middle sister Megs is going to be touching down in Berlin this Tuesday
which means that I’ve making plans about what to show her and what to feed her and
what to weird her out with.

(gif source)

The latter is of course important because being the
oldesr sister means that I totally get dibs on the weirding my sisters and brother out 😉
(in-laws included!)

So here are five things that I have in the works.
A bunch of them may or may not have to do with food…
inner fat-kid poking her head out.
(also Megs, this’ll give you an idea so you can look at the OTHER stuff you might want to do!)

one// Feed her Döner
One cannot simply come to Germany and NOT eat
döner!  She’ll get to experience all the wonderful goodness
that is vertically grilled meat put into bread with garlic sauce and veggies.

As one cannot come to Germany and not eat the item above,
one cannot come to Berlin and not at least try currywurst.
Heck, we may even go “full hog” and hit up the museum
dedicated to it 😉

three// Photo-Ops
Of which there will be LOTS!  I’m hoping to even pull
a few cooler random locations out for her .

four// Day Trips
We will at least be doing Potsdam, but JP and I have
been talking about some OTHER possibilities.
Sorry Megs, you’ll have to wait until you get here to find out.

five// Carb Loading!
And by “carb” I totally mean carbohydrates.
Germany has some of the BEST baked goods in the world,
and I want to give her (ie possibly force her) to try a whole bunch of them!
For one we are TOTALLY doing Kaffee un Kuchen a couple times,
not to mention BRETZEL!!
Somehow though, I don’t think it’ll be that hard to convince her:

carb love
See what I mean?
(picture “stolen” from facebook!)

Can’t wait until you touch down Meg!

See you Tuesday 😀


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