A Day in the Life – March 2014

Ok, ok, so this is a week late!  I was somewhat preoccupied last week with getting parts one through three out for our trip to Rome.  So, let’s get this puppy going:

06:20ish// wake up from really weird dream.  realize not working today so roll back over.
07:30-something// alarm goes off.  hit snooze.
07:40-something// alarm goes off again. turn it off and snuggle closer to JP.

08:15ish// up.  check email, facebook, the ususal.  check time for dentist appointment and start to get ready – shower, dress, blowdry, etc.
09:10// JP and I head to dentist office.  wheeeeee!! this is only something like the 8th or 9th visit I’ve had since the abscess came back the end of Feb.  so. much fun. :p
09:40// called back into exam room.  see dentist, get more work done in SAME place, talk with them about concerns (turns out despite their efforts I might still have to have one of the teeth extracted), and get an xray.  small ray of sunshine, I get to wait TWO weeks before I go back.
10:40ish// leave dentist office
10:50ish// we walk by the Hussel store in our area.  JP says that while it might not be the best thing karma-wise he asks if I want to go in.  the answer of course is “duh”. so we go in, get a couple things, including some ginger jam.
11:00// head off to buy toilet paper and croissants to try the jam with.  I get somewhat excited when I see that we can buy a “mega pack” of tp with 16 rolls instead of only 8 for 1.50 euros more!
11:30// home.  i grab some apple sauce and JP grabs lunch.  we watch cooptitude on geek and sundry’s youtube channel and then Archer 😀
13:00// do some other random stuff including dying in 999… again :p catch up on the news and change our desktop picture from Hellboy to Totoro 😉
13:45ish// look up train and bus routes to collect Megs from the airport this evening.  email SPEA program. download Don’t Starve onto the laptop from Steam.
14:30 to 16:20ish// play Don’t Starve while JP does paper writing stuff and inserts random witty comments when something bad happens to me.
16:15ish// post the obligatory They Might Be Giants video to Megs’ facebook since that’s where her layover is. and look up mandrakes for the game
16:19// resume playing Don’t Starve
17:20// do 30 days of happiness post, create framework for next few days, begin this post, do other random internet things like pinterest and looking up recipes. chatting with katie on FB… in other words, time suck! ok, the last wasn’t a time suck.  love you sister.
18:05// contemplate what to do for dinner.
18:09// head to kitchen to explore the options. talk to jp, will reheat soup.
18:20//more Don’t Starve! I die then JP takes a whack at it.
19:00// dinner and iron chef america (go michael symon!)
19:38// prepare bag (including hat and gloves for her just in case!), map, notes, etc to go pick Megs up
19:44// leave to catch train and bus
20:50// arrive at airport
21:20// see Meghan!
22:06// miss the first train connection and have to wait 20 minutes for the next. :p
22:25// board train to head home
23:00ish// we’re back
23:10// show Megs the apartment, tell her about the quirks, visit, get US swag from her, show her Berlin map and guide book.
23:40// talk with JP and Megs about my schedule in the morning
23:42// check email and finish blog post
23:53// hit publish
23:55// in bed

End March entry!



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