2014 30 Days of Happiness – Day 27: Earl Gray, HOT!

2014 Happy Day 27

Lately it’s been cappuccinos and latte macchiatos.

Buuuut my absolute favorite thing to order is an
Earl Gray Latte or a London Fog:

(image source)

This is something that I can find consistently at Starbucks
(oh shush, I know, evil coffee empire, yeah yeah yeah),
but is harder to get at smaller indie coffee places,
(like I’ve gotten blank stares from the barista before!)
though I’m note sure why that’s the case because
any coffee shop that happens to have earl gray teabags
has everything needed to make it :p

Also, it is really easy to make at home even
if you don’t have a milk steamer. 😉

Another HAPPY Blogger:



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