April Showers

Hi there April.  How is it that you started off pretty awesome (Meg was here and I was taking her around Berlin) and all of the sudden the last couple days you’ve decided to put me into semi-panic mode?  And now all of the sudden we’re a week in and I SWEAR that I barely slept.  ALSO, Palm Sunday/Holy Week are NEXT WEEK and Easter is two weeks away.  How did THAT happen?

JP and I realize that we only have F-O-U-R months left.  4! What the heck? who or what ate all the time? Oh wait… stupid jaw abscess/sickies.  :p  And there is still SO much we have left that we want to do, that we have in the works, and holy cow I need to not only continue to deal hunt for our flight home but I need to start looking into internet plan options for our return to Btown, movers to help with all our crap (or are we going to just bring brothers up with us from TX?), AND reserve the moving truck in Bloomington to move said stuff.  OY!

Oh, then there’s a grad school decision (got in w/o funding), job search, geekling discussions, dentist appointment, doctors appointments, and I’m starting the B1 level for German tonight!

Anyone else have the feeling that 2014 is speeding by?


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