Friday Fives: Etsy Edition – Spring Totes-McGoats!

Spring has sprung here in Berlin — though this week has been a little cooler than when Meg was here, and I am starting to get the itch to update my wardrobe to reflect the change in the season and movement towards summer.  The big thing that I’m debating about buying is a tote bag to schlep all my stuff around Berlin in.  Currently I’m using a 99-euro cent plain one I bought from Kaufland when shopping earlier in the week, which while functional it’s not overly… chic? Then there’s a mint green one at H&M that keeps catching my eye, but I want something a little more special.  So off to Etsy!  And of course since we’re still IN Berlin I took a gander at local sellers.

I hope you enjoy my finds!!  And who knows maybe I’ll hit the buy button one one of them 😉

one// The True Statement Tote

(Image Source Listing)

two// The GORGEOUS Animal Tote

Cotton tote bag - Rabbit - LAST 2
(Image Source Listing)

three// The Whimsical Math Tote

Organic Shopping Bag Navy "Birdy Of The Universe"
(Image Source Listing)

four// The Geeky-Cute Tote!

"Jute bag"Alien in Love"Berlin
(Image Source Listing)

five// The Artsy-Fartsy Tote

Kino International -Simple Design 100% Cotton Geometric Tote Bag- Handmade Embroidered Pattern Bag
(Image Source Listing)


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