Berlin Bar Hopping – New Blog Feature!

First, let’s start this post out with a spiffy graphic:


So around Christmas Mrs. Munchkin sent us an awesome book with
15 century-old bars in Berlin, and we decided that we wanted to go to
each of them, have a beer, and document it all somehow.

SO, being that I like maps, I decided that creating a google map that
would be easily embedded would be the perfect way to keep track and share
this with you my lovely readership!

As we started this a little later than planned (thank you two months of antibiotics),
we have our work cut out for us!

We went to the first bar with Megs during her visit,
and attempted to go to two of the closer dots last weekend.
We did walk in, but no beer so the visit didn’t count
and the dots will remain red.

I will also be recording what we drank, and who we were with!

So check the tab often, and I may post an occasional
update in the blog itself if we hit up a huge chunk in one go 😉

Yay fun!

And ack, time to get my butt to German class.
Until tomorrow!


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