A Day in the Life – April 2014

So I seem to be having some issues actually getting this done on the 18… second month in a row, only this time I didn’t have a whole bunch of Rome :

06:82ish// wake up from really weird dream.  realize not working today so roll back over.
07:30-something// alarm goes off.  Hit snooze, JP gets up to get some reading and email done before classes.
07:40-something// alarm goes off again. Hit snooze (have you noticed a trend?)

08:05ish// up.  wander into living room, plop on couch.
08:10ish// JP heads off to shower before leaving for the day, I check email, facebook, webcomics, etc. After JP gets out we talk about what our days are entailing.
08:38// Kiss JP  and he heads to the FU, I start this blog post, get hot water going for some tea since we’re out of coffee, look for something to eat for breakfast that doesn’t involve chicken or spargel.
08:50// With tea in hand, log into Kingdom of Loathing (playing again after a huge chunk of time) to play through my adventures for the day.
09:17// Finish KOL adventures, go onto playing around on Pinterest for a while, checking flight prices, look at food gawker, and some other random googling.
09:45// dress to do a Blogilates video.  Do video.
10:05// rinse tea cup, hydrate and get dressed for the day and pack backpack.
10:30ish// head out for the day.
11:00// hang out with Tex! we make pizza, do paper-mache, and lots of other fun stuff.
15:15// leave Tex’s house and head up to Mitte for tutoring
15:35// arrive in Mitte and hit up an Asian grocery store to restock, purchases included a 5 kilo bag of rice.
16:00// math and science tutoring
17:35// leave tutoring and head to Alexanderplatz for class.
17:45// arrive in Alexanderplatz — head to basement of the bahnhof to grab coffee and dish liquid
18:00// Class!
20:56// out of class a tad early, run to ubahn to try to get early train!!
21:05// on ubahn to Potsdamerplatz
21:16// arrive and RUSH to regional train platform only to find out that the early train has a freaking 90 minute delay!
21:17// sit and wait for normal train
21:35// board normal train
22:01// arrive home, put groceries away, say hi to JP
22:11// check email and pleasantly surprised to find an email asking about a phone (or in my case most likely skype) interview for a position in Indiana I applied to 10 days ago!
22:12// dance around like crazy and grab JP so he can see the email
22:14// google the company(to refresh the projects) and check linkedin for the person who emailed me
22:31// send reply
22:35// log into wordpress to work on post
22:43// hit publish and head off to pack bag, shower and sleep

//end April 22, 2014!


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