Oh look, something shiny!

So I KNOW that I technically owe you guys a real post tonight.  And I am working on one, but (here comes the excuse), I’m not feeling the whole writing thing tonight, and there’s a meteor shower that we’re going to go out and try to see if we can see in a bit, and I’m tired, and, and and and… you get the point.  😉

So instead thanks to my awesome friend Dani of danisnaps I found out what food’s national day my birthday shares:

me sushi


How freaking awesome is that?!  I totally think it’s a good reason that from here on out we eat sushi on my birthday from this year forward!  After finding mine out it was only natural that I look up JP’s:

jp cake

While not technically German (it was invented in the US) we’ll take it!  The top layer of our AMAZING wedding cake was German Chocolate 😉

So, that’s your Monday night post from Berlin.  If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to questing in the Kingdom of Loathing and finish eating.  Bis morgen!


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