April had Showers and May HAS Flowers!

With the last few weekends resulting in truly awesome warm spring weather — and clear skies to boot! — has meant that JP and I have started to really explore more of the more outdoors-y areas around Berlin.

Easter Monday was our first jaunt which we took to the Wannsee and the Botanical Gardens.  We brought a lunch of leftovers from Easter dinner, and thanks to our snazzy BVG tickets we were able to take a ferry across to an adorable little village where we got coffee and ice cream before it took us back.  We also got to see the grave site for Heinrich von Kleist — JP was intent on seeing it, my reaction what “whoz dat?”  For those who don’t know, he’s one of the German writers that EVERYONE reads if you’re from Germany or studying Germanics.  I will probably read something by him at some point…

We decided last minute on our way homewards on the Sbahn to get off and check out the Botanical Gardens since most everything is green and things have started to bloom.  so JP took me to the PLANT ZOO!!  Yaaaaaay!  The flowers were just starting to really come out while we were there and we were provided with a map that took us through the prettiest part.  The greenhouses were awesome!  I’m looking forward to making another trip back later in the summer to see more.

The last weekend in April JP and I decided to head over to the Jagdschloss Grunewald for an afternoon of walking and to check out the art that is displayed in the Schloss itself — which has significance as the year we moved to Bloomington, IU returned a painting and now we’ve seen it!  JP was nearly over-the-moon 😉  I was excited since they had a really nicely sized exhibit of the Cranachs 😀

The walk through the park was fun, we saw lots of dogs, many of which were very friendly so we got to say hello to a few — not sure if that made the whole missing Senorita Fluffybutt better or worse though.  I’ll just pretend it makes it better since I got a bit of a doggy “fix” to tide me over til we see her again in August.  Before we headed out of the park we stopped at a biergarten for beers and fries 😀

Last weekend was a long one with the Erste Mai/May Day – national holiday in Germany.  We had planned on taking a longer bigger day trip but thanks to a slightly cooler weekend and stomach troubles/flu symptoms on my end we pulled our plans back a little bit.  Also, Friday night I was busy hanging out with Tex.

Saturday we decided to make an evening trip down to Babelsberg Park just outside of Potsdam to hike through the park and see the castle and all in all have a good time.  The weather turned out to be nice and mostly clear, and maybe just a tad on the chilly side.  We took a thermos of coffee and some banana bread I threw together earlier in the day to munch on as we walked around.  JP did his normal thing that seems to happen when we end up in a majorly Prussian area (like the Jagdschloss above) and every other word seems to be “preeeeeety”.  I loved that the park itself was pretty well split up into mostly natural areas mixed with some landscaped ones.  The only disappointment of the day was that the Babelsberg Schloss is under restoration – and when I say that I mean full on restoration, both inside and out!  Sadly they won’t be done with it until well after we’re back in the States.  Eh, that just means that we’re going to have to make a trip back 😉

Ok, enough chatter.  Onto pictures from the last three weeks of wandering around!

Looking from the hill at the dock on the Wansee
We’re on a BOAT!
Kleist gravesite
The Doctor has his Big Blue Box, and I have my Little Blue Box
Tulips! Botanical Gardens, Berlin
A Jay! We’ve seen these guys everywhere.
In the Arboretum area. Botanical Gardens, Berlin
Inside the extensive green houses. This was a very hot and humid area — the effort to straighten my hair was undone :p
The Informatics Building on the FU campus! The number wrapped around the sides too!
We didn’t realize it when we arrived at the Grunewald stop, but this station, and Platform 17 in particular, served as a major deportation point during the war.
One of the many small lakes throughout the Grunewald! Just outside of the frame there were (kid you not) about two dozen dogs of various breeds splashing around.
Only half a kilometer to go!
Jagdschloss courtyard.
Lake side of the Jagdschloss
Cultural Center and Ratskeller Babelsberg, Germany
Babelsberg Park!
Restoration of Babelsberg Schloss
JP just MIGHT have gotten a little stuck…
This is the Glienicke Bridge – aka – the bridge of spies during the Cold War.
And finally the Klien Schloss

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