A Day in the Life – May 2014

Soooo… Hi there internet.  I had planned on my Amsterdam post(s) and a FF being the next things after the sneak peak I posted last week, but life ended up being busier than anticipated…  I DID however update the Bar Hop page — we marked another one off the list 😀  Also this was MEANT to be posted on Sunday, but being that someone has papers he’s writing I needed to yield my computer time.  So here we go for May 18, 2014:

7 :50-something// up from a really really weird dream, use the facilities. Get something to drink with some painkiller and go try to sleep a bit more after the previous late night.
9:40-something// finally out of bed,  check email, play KOL, email german teacher about homework, and other computer-y stuff before handing computer over to JP so he can work.  We talk about what we want to do, when we’re going to Mass. I continue reading a book I started the day before.
11:30// Head to kitchen to survey the mess we left from dinner last night and work on getting the mess cleaned up.  Also check fridge for “dead” things while contemplating about what to make for lunch.  JP comes in and we decide on meatballs, mashed taters and rotkohl.  Yum 🙂
12:30// clean up from lunch.  I pull out the silly futurama cross stitch I’ve been working on literally f-o-r-e-v-e-r and work on it while reading.
15:00// take a few minutes to check email and look up a few things online.  then back to more reading (wow, today was *really* fun, right?)  JP and I talk about the next weekend’s plans, his papers, what our end travel plans for the “Grand 5th Anniversary” trip are going to entail and what day trips we want to see about doing with my parents when they visit.
16:00// actually get dressed for the day. More reading.
17:25// JP and I head to the bus stop for Mass
18:00 to 19:05// Mass!
19:15// on the bus towards home.  Decide to get schawarma for dinner.
19:40// back home.  We start Wes Anderson’s Rushmore.  More cross stitch!  JP cracks a joke about how long I’ve taken on it.  Thaaaanks honey :p
21:00// JP skypes with his parents. I run around prepping for my Monday — packing bag, food, printing off homework assignment, etc.
22:00ish// JP finishes talking with his parents and we make our way to bed.

/End May 18, 2014

So far these posts don’t seem to be hugely exciting.  Maybe next month will be more interesting 😉

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