Adult Supervision Recommended

So in the midst of doing blog things this morning
(instead of doing my homework…)
I did something that I said told JP I was going to wait
for until we got back to Houston in August:

adult supervision
#newhairs #nomakeupnoproblems #nofilter #holdcraywhydididothat #mintgreen #weddingring #hashtags #omgwtfbbq

So yeeeah, I really shouldn’t be left to my own devices with a pair
of scissors…  SURPRISE JP!
(he’s at the FU until after I have to leave today)

I might only regret this just a TINY bit… hair grows, right?

Previously I had trimmed the old sun bleached ends to take care
of some of the frizz factor that was going on after the winter and from
lack of cutting my hair since we were in Houston last.
(so much for waiting to see how long it got while we were in Germany! oops)

The weather here has been in the 30s, which feels really warm,
so yeah, I hacked it off today…

So what do you think?

Ok, that was an update about nothing.
Back to editing Amsterdam pictures 😀

Oh! and before I forget, check out this awesome video
of Morgan Freeman under the influence of helium:


One thought on “Adult Supervision Recommended

  1. I just cut all my hair myself. The easy way for me to do it was to pull it all directly over my head and cut it all. Works if you want lots of layers. And I did it in sections because my hair is really thick.
    Last time I tried to do my own it did not go as well.

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