Friday Fives: Max Raabe!

Last weekend JP and I attended a concert by one of our favorite German musicians — Max Raabe!  If you look for him in the music stores here he is categorized as a “Schlager”, meaning a “hit” artist, and while that is the case, I envision a “schlager” music more like The Amigos or even David Hasselhof type music with a very certain sound — like something you would definitely hear while eating a pretzel with a large beer at Oktoberfest.  And while Max Raabe DOES have some schlager-esque songs, he’s more classic 1940’s rat pack and cabaret music to me.  When we were at the concert we saw a couple who had hit the 1940’s and 50’s square on the head with their outfits and they looked stunning!  We also saw some girls dressed more reminiscent of something out of The Great Gatsby, which felt a touch early for the music style to me.  Yes, I know cabaret was a think then, but in my head I associate the music style with the Depression and WWII eras!

If we got the chance I’m pretty sure JP and I would make his concert a repeat!  Only the next time I think we’ll go ahead and splurge on the floor seats 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d present some of my favorite and a few of the wackiest cover Max Raabe videos on YouTube for this week’s FF’s post.  Consider it your German culture lesson of the week.  Enjoy!  and yes, I was dancing in my seat as I selected these, and I had a really hard time narrowing it down!  Check the end of the post for links with honorable mentions!

one// Küssen kann man nicht alleine

two// Tainted Love
(a Manson cover that I LOVE more than the original)

three// Ich bin nur wegen Dir hier

four// Schlafleid
(with Burt and Ernie!)

five// We Will Rock You
(he covers QUEEN!!!)


Like I said above, I had the HARDEST time trying to decide which videos to embed!  Especially the covers because let’s be honest, they’re very often much better than the original IMHO.  Here are some that you should totally check out too: Oops I did it Again (yes, a Britney Spears cover and it is awesome!), Mambo No. 5, and Let’s Talk about Sex.  






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