A Day in the Life – June 2014: Birthday Photo Edition!

So, today I’m 28!  Only two years until zee big three-oh.  And as it’s the 18th and a Wednesday you get not only a chronicle of my day but a whole bunch of pictures. Obviously this isn’t a Wednesday of the wordless kind.

Alrighty, here we go:

01:20// head to bed after completing one last job application with Indiana DNR.  Did not plan on being up, but job application deadlines wait for no man (or woman)
04:34// wake up.  apparently it’s late enough in the summer now that the sun has decided that this is the time to be out and FULL ON shining.  pull shutter more closed and roll back over.

08:54// Wake up crying out due to the pain of a charley horse in left calf — JP rushes into the bedroom and massages it until I can move and heads to the kitchen to make coffee.  I’m barely awake and he’s already my hero for the day.

morning lifeforce juice!

09:30// Checking email and facebook, drinking said coffee, and getting ready to head to Kaufland to replenish the larder after out trip.
09:50// Talk with JP about lunch plans and head out the door.


10:05// board bus
10:18// I buy all the foods!

80% of what I bought was from the produce department! we eat our “greens” in this house.

11:02ish// board bus home with all the groceries!

all teh groceries

11:10ish// home, put groceries away, check facebook, a little pinterest, and find out what our GoT names would be according to a generator going around the facebooks:

GoT us
JP’s choice of weapon was “Hodor”. And no clue why I’m disgraced :p

11:25// layout outfit, shower, dry hair to head out for a lunch date with the best husband in the world (I’m obviously very biased)

I opted to ditch the belt before we went out.

12:04// head into Mitte on s-bahn
12:16// arrive at Potsdamer Platz and wait for the next train to head to Dussmann for lunch.  See something awesome on the platform:

all work and no play…

12:28// arrive at Dussmann, see an awesome Pope Francis waving pope thing, and find out that ALL the tables in Ursprung are reserved 😦
12:43// walk down Friedrichsstr towards Fassbender & Rausch/Gendarmenmarkt for lunch and to buy birthday cake!
12:51// plop down with some drinks and sandwiches in a nice grassy area.  The weather is beautiful today!  While it’s not super fancy I love this.

this is the life!

13:01// oh crap, the sparrows found us.  thankfully we avoid being divebombed and they move on once they figure out we were NOT sharing.
13:19// finished with lunch and a friendly little bee decided to see if there was anything left in my sandwich container.

why hello mr bee!

13:27// We head to Fassbender and Rausch to buy not one, but TWO little (CHOCOLATE) birthday cakes!  We head to the ubahn to catch the sbahn to home/school.

all teh tiny cakes!

13:32// arrive at Potsdamer Platz again.  I decide that I want to see if H&M has another color of the awesome tshirt dresses on teh clearance rack (love them and they SO beat shorts in this heat).  JP accompanies me.  Buy dress, head back to sbahn platform.  JP catches one line and I wait for another.


14:05// arrive back at our home station.  decide to hit up Rossmann for a summer-y nail polish (found!) and get a kilo of awesome Spreewald strawberries (I seriously think that the Spreewald berries beat the pants off of the ones from Karl’s).

SO fresh SO yum

14:26// Arrive home.  put water on for tea, unpack the bought goodies, change into clothes for baking and working out, wash some fruit for a snack.

I also found a really pretty peachy eyeshadow!

14:42// sit down  with my tea and fruit to start blog post, edit pictures, talk with Katie on facebook, reply to all the birthday well wishes 🙂


16:18//get off computer and start today’s baking adventures! here’s to doing something I’ve never baked before — and I am totally cheating with a mix — BUT I will have to bring my egg whites to stiff peaks BY HAND.

“France” brand – seems legit.
*crossing fingers!*

17:00// paint toenails while things bake with awesome new metalic polish that was bought today — LOVE this color!  I turn on a couple youtube videos while I paint because I’m cool like that.

perfection white gold color for summer!

17:11// crank up the heat on the macarons.  crossing my fingers that these turn out.
17:25// Skype call with my parents! complete with them and two of my sisters singing to me.  With the help of my mom and Meghan I ordered baby sister’s 18th birthday gift. shhhh 😉
18:10// made the filling from the box (i had to beat out a butter cream by hand!) the filled macarons complete with a slice of strawberry.  They’re a little on the chewier side, but given my limited kitchen equipment and this being my first venture into making them I did good!

not too bad for a first effort!

18:25// back on facebook, pinning a few decorating ideas, planning dinner out.  Thanking more people for the birthday wishes (seriously my people are awesome!)
18:56// head to kitchen to survey what I want to make for my birthday dinner and get to chopping and slicing various things, finish washing the baking dishes, and start some rice.  I pop back in to keep tabs on facebook and chat with various people while cooking.

spicy stir fry it is 😀

19:58// done cooking.  put food in oven to keep warm.  work on email to mom and book our hotel for Boston! (thanks for the birthday money mom and dad!)

you know you want to come to my house for dinner sometime 😉

20:15// JP home so it’s time to eat dinner and watch a movie and then eat ALL THE DESSERTS!

let them EAT CAKE! there are still lots of macrons leftover though!

21:21// more photo editing and writing.
21:59// finish editing and decide that it’s time to post this puppy and go finish out my day by cuddling with the husband-man on the couch.

//End June 18, 2014


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