Happy Geekiness Day!! Care of #SingleHopGeeks :D

The wonderful Lisa of SingleHop  contacted me about writing a little piece to help them celebrate Geekiness Day this year.  And you guys know me, of course I had to say yes!  Because, I happen to wear my geek on my sleeve, and I knew of an awesome way to do it 😉

Oh, and FYI — technically Geekiness Day is TOMORROW, July 13th, but I got excited!

Several things make me a geek: I enjoy gaming (rpgs, video, euro board, the works), reading (sci-fi and fantasy are usually what I reach for), I blog, I love science, I’m a micro/homebrew fan… you get the point.  While those in of themselves are not things only for geeks, I really do feel like that my high interest level in them ups the ante.  When I was four I wanted to be, and my mom can totally verify this, a “Dinosaur hunter”.  And her cute little four year old was able to say the Latin names for all the dinos pretty well.  I was inducted into the world of Tolkien at that ripe old age.  I was also that weird homeschooled kid most of my life, which really just facilitated my geekiness more.  If I was interested in something I able to, and encouraged to research it ad nauseam — though I’m guessing that at times my parents probably got tired of me spouting everything I learned. 😉

Like I said, my poor mom ;)(Image Source)

All of that said, and if I were completely honest I think the thing that makes me the MOST geeky is probably my love of Sci-Fi, which is something I “blame” on my parents — and it IS a good thing.  When I was two my parents bought their first VHS player (remember those?),  and the three movies we owned were Mary Poppins, Sherley Temple’s Heidi, and E.T.!  The first time I watched E.T. my parents said that I was SHAKING like a leaf but I would NOT let them turn it off.  And it’s still one of my favorite movies to date.

Then there’s Trek.  I often joke that I’ve been a Trekkie since birth.  I was raised watching The Next Generation, the Movies and The Original Series, and to this day Trek holds a very special place in my heart.  I’ve already posted about the place in my heart that several Trek actors have, but looking back I DO think that I would be a different person if I wasn’t a Trek fan.  I even cited Trek episodes in my Philosophy and Theology papers in college. Also, I married another Trekkie 😉  For our first Valentine’s day together JP and I, without conversation before hand, got each other without discussion before.  As a result my sisters said that God clearly made our geeky hearts for each other.  Also that our kids may or may not be doomed, though I argue that they will be awesome.  Heh, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that finding JP was probably the best thing that happened to this geek girl to date.  I don’t know too many other people who have been as totally accepting of my geekiness, or who love me for it, as he does. 🙂

Now for some fun….

This is going to be a BIT of a throw back, but I looking back at Halloweens of childhood past, I think one of my favorite costumes was when I dressed up with a friend as Spock (her) and Saavik (me!).  There had been some miscommunication about who was going to dress up as what – we were originally aiming for a Kirk/Spock thing, but I think it ended up working out better.  Also, we both rocked the brows.  Want proof?  I got my mom to email be the proof for this post!

mini vulcan

How awesome of a kid was I? Winning Geek Kid Moment right there people!  Also, this was only the FIRST time I dressed as a green blooded alien, the following year I crafted a costume for a Vulcan ambassador 😀

Oh and not to be the only star, here’s JP during one of his MANY Halloweens (and normal days according to his mom) as mini-Batman:

mini bat
Mini-JP! With his Nina 😀

Now enough about me, let’s talk a little about the folks at SingleHop.  While I wasn’t aware of their services before Lisa contacted me, it looks like they’ve got a pretty awesome thing going on in the Windy City. SingleHop is an all-around IT services company, they do pretty much everything anyone would want in relation to the Internet.  Need a private cloud? No problem!  Looking for an awesome server company or someone for dedicated hosting?  They’ve got you covered!  These service have become crucial in our world today, especially with the HUGE chunk of our lives that the internet and internet connected devices take up.  I mean think about it, how much time do you spend on the internet everyday in one way or another?  I don’t have a smartphone (yet, though it’s up for debate…), but just with my trusty laptop I probably spend more time than I’d personally like to admit.  The services that SingleHop provides are something that everyone, everywhere with an internet connection needs.  And it looks like they do a pretty awesome job at it!

In my quest to get to know the company I decided to read over their blog, where they’re also posting awesome Geekiness Day things, and I found myself endeared to Roger who happens to be a fellow Trek and beer fan.  I have a feeling we could do some awesome bonding while having a few brewskies and talking about the Borg.  And now I have a weird parody of this Pat McCurdy song stuck in my head.  Trek and beer, trek and beer, are the things that we hold dear…

Ok, clearly I need to go get something to eat…  So be sure to go check out the Geeks over at SingleHop!


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