A Day in the Life – July 2014

07:34// Alarm goes off, hit what I assumed was the “snooze”, roll over and cuddle JP some more
09:01// look at DS after hearing hour chime thinking it was 8, only to find that it’s 9.  Ooops!  So I get out of bed.
09:09// log onto computer to check email, make replied and read comments (thanks for the smartphone input people!)
09:20// JP wanders into living room.
09:35// Facebook and the doorbell rings — UPS guy is here with an order for a friend of mine.  I’m taking some European goodies back for her and saving her a bit on shipping.
09:40// pull together a randomish breakfast, wash hair, get ready to head out – which included wearing my new birkies 😀
10:06// head to trains
10:17// board regional to head into town, WE’RE GOING TO THE ZOO!!!
10:30// arrive at Potsdamerplatz, make a side trip to get a large iced coffee to split with JP before getting on the U2
10:50ish// arrive at zoo, buy tickets
11:00 to 15:00// SEE ALL TEH ANIMALS — here are a few highlight shots:


15:05// head to KaDeWe so I scope out a gift for a little man we know who is turning THREE this year, and to buy a Trappist beer and something cold to drink on the way home.
15:30// head to U2 to go home and get some grocery shopping done and dinner.  Also my feet HURT.  Breaking in birkies isn’t the funnest thing in the world >.<
16:00// on S25 going south!
16:30// grocery shopping, JP found an awesome looking mustard sauce.
17:00// home, put groceries away, open wordpress to start this post, JP gets dinner heating up (yay curried lentils and rice), I find an episode of ST:E to watch.
17:24// time to eat!

17:40// Put bowl in kitchen, then open the package that arrived this morning to make sure there isn’t anything broken and shoot her a message.
17:46// pull craft bag out so I can make a summer anklet.  I realized this morning that it’s freaking JULY and I still haven’t made one for 2014!
19:17// Dessert!  We had rote grütze with vanilla sauce 😀  Anklet is about  1/3 finished.
19:54//  Onto episode three of Enterprise with a Pinterest and 20sb break.
20:17// back to making  my anklet.
20:48// As the episode of Enterprise end JP and I both burst out in a “Rock People, Rock People, Rock People” chant akin to the Crap People chant from South Park
20:58// Select and edit zoo pictures, then insert into this post.
21:13// back to working on anklet.
21:30// JP breaks out a beer to share — it reminds me of bacon!
21:47// Anklet finished and I’m now sportin’ it on my right side.
21:52// head into kitchen to gather all the pfand flaschen together to take back tomorrow, and brew some coffee for tomorrow morning (iced coffee in teh summer is awesome!).
22:07// decide to end post here since nothing more is going to happen tonight aside from changing into pajamas, a bit of facebook and teeth brushing before JP and I adjourn to the bedroom to watch a classic episode of Mother Angelica Live before going to sleep (something that had become part of our nightly ritual).  So g’night internet!

/End July 18, 2014



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