Being “On-Trend”

It’s no secret that I often feel like I’m lacking a part of my x-chromosome, meaning that I feel like I’m missing a girl gene or two.   This is especially true regarding clothing and hair — I attribute my ability to do my makeup fairly well to being involved in theater in high school and college.  So, it makes me ponder the ways of the world when my choice in German-made footwear is on trend.  Especially when that footwear takes at least a good two, if not more, years to break in so you don’t have battle wounds on your feet from the leather or on your soles from the cork adjusting for you.  But if you google “birkenstock trend” you’ll find LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of articles talking about em.  So I guess I’m “in” this summer?

Meet Thelma and Louise (my black pair), my feet with new blisters, and Lucy and Ethel (my newest gray pair)

I (sillily I might add!) decided to wear Lucy and Ethel, my newest pair, to the zoo on Friday and the result has been two really BAD blisters on the tops of my feet, “scuff marks” by the lower straps, three on the soles, and one on a poor pinkie toe.  Did I also say that I forgot to have a box of bandaids with me?  Thankfully we found the first aid station and I was able to get some to hold me out until we could find a Rossmann so I could grab some that were waterproof – an important element in the summer heat!  Granted, I would probably avoid some of the battle wounds if I broke my Birks in as directed here, but I was SUPER excited  so I wore them to the zoo.

Anyway, back to Birks being “in” – or is it “on”? – this summer.  Since I bought my first pair (Thelma and Louise) for my 25th birthday LAST time we were in Germany I’ve pretty much lived in them when the weather is warm, so I was SUPER excited to buy Lucy and Ethel last weekend, and given how I know prior to this year lots of people associated Birks with hippies I find it really funny that lots of fashion-forward types are into them, though at the same time it makes sense because they’re actually GOOD for your feet.

I also have to wonder if after these things are “out” if there will be a huge influx (at least in the States) of barely used (example Thelma and Louise are only 3 years old and are hardly worn out) will end up in thrift and consignment type places, which I find myself a little sad at that prospect.  Mrs. Munchkin has a pair of Birks she had owned for 20 years and I know my dad is going on 15ish with a pair of his, so I’m looking forward to walking many more miles in mine.  Aaaaand I really don’t know where I’m going with this… gotta love when the mind decides to “go poof” in the middle of writing a blog post… anyway, I guess to sum it up, it feels a little weird to be “in” this summer and I am going to continue to rock Birkenstocks when they’re “out” 😉

And if you’re interested, here’s the Weekend’s VLOG where I bought Lucy and Ethel!


2 thoughts on “Being “On-Trend”

  1. My parents and sister love their birks and have had them for a long time. I had a couple pairs when I was younger, but I’ve never been much of a fan of them. I actually prefer regular flip flops to birks. I was never much of a fan of breaking them in.

    1. You know it’s funny — I brought a pair of Old Navy flip flops with me but I keep getting blistered from them too! and mainly on the soles of my feet >.<

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