Dream Debates

Have you ever been woken from a dead sleep and know that even if you TRY to roll over and snuggle you’re not going to fall asleep again? I’ve been having a couple of those mornings lately, and this morning was one where the dream REALLY bugged me, and so much so that I didn’t even attempt to snuggle with JP but just got up to make myself a cup of tea. The bright side of this is that the camera battery is now charging for today’s vlog :p

Of all things my dream focused on me going into a meeting about Catholic scientists where I ended up not only defending my faith but also correcting a whole bunch of misconceptions — especially about the Church not being on board with the pursuit of scientific inquiry, and I kept raising my hand and going but but BUT:

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And it went on like this for a while with the nay-sayers saying no and me giving concrete evidence (including clearing up the whole Galileo mess…Church liked the science, but didn’t want him to play theologian!) THEN it ended with a priest coming in and saying that he wanted to clear things up and the main nay-sayer calling me a VERY INAPPROPRIATE name (hint, who was the face of Germany in WWII? that wouldn’t make you happy either!), and us walking out to find a hippie lady strumming a guitar singing THIS which just made me MAD and made me go on a whole Christ-is-the-son-of-God-made-flesh-and-he-dwelt-among-us rant.

Needless to say, I woke up in a somewhat complicated mood, so I woke up, made tea, and read a whole bunch of things online to make me feel better while JP peacefully slumbered on — though I did poke him to find out if he wanted coffee at one point.

OK, I’m off to get ready to go VLOG!!!


2 thoughts on “Dream Debates

  1. The Catholic church has moved with the times as have most other sensible religious groups. They have accepted the march of technology most of them make good use of it to project their messages. There was a time when the Catholic Church sought to stop progress and they had a point for just where has progress got us — in an awful mess and getting worse.
    Progress is unstoppable as was evolution itself. Only one thing is certain we are not in charge of the out -rolling and things don’t look too comfortable.
    Thank God however for human kindness and selflessness which offers succour even at its own expense.

  2. Now this is a fantastic post. I hate those kinds of dreams. Mine are often usually nightmares about my husband doing things he would never do because they’re not in his character, but they leave me deeply affected.

    I used to love Joan Osborne’s song, until I realized that the whole concept of it is that God hasn’t been on the earth before, which of course you and I both know is bollocks. That being said, I often wonder how people would react nowadays if Christ came back to the earth, not for the rapture, but just to be Christ to the earth in flesh again.

    It infuriates me when people tell me that I can’t agree with science, progressive thinking or anything else because I’m a Christian (especially when it comes from other Christians). Is it such a hard stretch that since God gives people talents, ideas, and skills that he could be doing the same for science, technology and medicine?

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