Friday Fives: This Feels REALLY Weird to Say…

Today is the FIVE YEAR mark for John Paul and my’s wedded bliss!  It’s been FIVE YEARS since we decided to take the plunge into the “old” marrieds club by standing in front of our friends and family to exchange our vows and follow that up with a huge party.  And you know what?  It feels really freaking weird to say that it’s already been five years, but at the same time if feels really good because the last five years have been full, and mostly full of joy and geekiness at that.  Like any other couple, we’ve had our share of struggles between older family members passing away, loss of a very personal nature, financial struggles, and health issues, but I think that these have served as cementing moments in our relationship.  And while I’m looking forward to what will come our way, let’s take a moment and look over some throwback pictures:

Five Years in Pictures

//2009: year one

Love this shot of us. I need to get it printed out and framed when we get back to Indiana this year 🙂

//2010: year two

Germany round 1!


//2011: year three

Honeymoon 2.0 in the Black Forest and Switzerland.

//2012: year four

us 2012
JP (and Sally) visiting me during the pipeline field work. Photo taken in Peoria Illinois.  It was really good to see him after a couple months apart.

//2013: year five

Germany Round 2! “Fun” fact, this was taken a couple days before I ended up in the hospital. I can honestly say that JP was my champion through that crazy week, and I don’t know what I would have done without him.

//2014: today

Five Years!

Here’s to at least another 50 awesome years of marriage for us!
Happy 5th John Paul, I love you!


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