Starting August Off With a Bang!

So, as you know full well by now, yesterday was the five year mark marriage-wise for us. The last time we were in Germany we finished out our time with some time in Switzerland and the Black Forest, dubbing it as Honeymoon 2.0, something we had been planning from the start of this whole marriage thing.  We planned Honeymoon 1.0 closer to home in the Texas Hill Country because we knew that eventually we’d end up in Germany for round two. And now that we’ve crossed the 5th year line, we have another bigger trip planned, this time we’ve dubbed it:

Grand anniversary
base photo is one JP took last summer when he was teaching in Austria!

Full disclosure, the name is a total parody of the latest Wes Anderson film.  I have a feeling that he’d be ok with it! 😀

We kicked off The Adventure last night with a 3-hour dinner cruise on the Spree last night.  It was fun to have the opportunity to see the city from another vantage point, and it was a way for us to trek into the eastern part of the city finally — though we both agree that Berlin is going to require a re-visit so we can get to everything we’ll have missed this time around.

In the next couple days our time in Berlin will be coming to an end (I fully expect to be ugly crying at some point this weekend or on the bus out) so we’ll be spending the following week traveling before we grab a plane back to Texas to grab Sally, collect the car and visit with family and friends for a while before we push onto Indiana.  Before the flight to Houston though, we’re going to be spending some time in the Alpine region!  That’s right people, we’re going to Austria and Bavaria!!  We’ll be spending approximately 3 1/2 days in both Vienna and Munich.  I wish we had a little more time so we could have stayed in some of the smaller villages and cities between the two, but you gotta fly when the flight fits in your budget.

Things we have planned include:

Following our time in the land of rolling Germanic accents we’ll be flying out of Munich with a stop over in Iceland, and overnight in Boston and finally back around lunch time in Houston (psst, mom, we’d love to get some Mexican food for lunch!).

This also means that blogging (and vlogging) will be limited and infrequent until September since after our trip and a few days in Houston we’ll be in the process of moving.  Also, I don’t know how great the internet coverage will be… Then we’ll be jumping back into blogging with both feet since September means a month of Snapshots 😀

So, dear readers, I’ll be seeing you when I see you!


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