How is it September already?!

Ok, ok, I know how it’s September, but I thought July rushed by, then August zipped by at double the speed and now we’re through the first week of September already!  That said, my (over a) month of not really blogging is going to come to an end, and we’ll get the Snapshot September 2014 series going this evening, albeit a week late — I really didn’t anticipate moving being a crazy as it turned out to be.  You’d think after five years of crazy Augusts I would have known better by now, but nope, apparently I haven’t learned 😛

Anyway, all things considered while moving into our new digs in Btown – side note, this is the MOST SPACE JP and I have lived in since we’ve been married, and it is awesome! – the move-in process itself wasn’t too bad aside from unloading the truck in high heat and humidity (I looked up the weather and we were nearly as hot as Houston that day!).  Also we’ve been working on acquiring some much needed extra furniture for the apartment.  We lost our couch to mice in the storage unit, so we treated ourselves to a brand new one thanks to an awesome Labor Day sale going on.  We also have a new antique dining room table, and four new-to-us bookshelves I scored at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore location.  Nightstands, a second desk and dining chairs are still on our to buy list.  Aside from said bookshelves, we’re hoping to buy along the lines of investment pieces.  Time to decorate like grown ups.  Also, when we’re finally more or less set up I’ll be doing a video tour of our humble abode 😀  Oh, and I’ll start vlogging again soon 🙂

The semester at IU seems to have gotten off to a good start, John Paul is happy to be teaching again, and seems to be enjoying taking not one, not two but THREE dead languages this semester.  I’m still in the process of trying to find a job.  I have a couple of decent leads, and I’ll be sending off a TON of resume and cover letter combos tomorrow.  So heeeere’s hoping.  Now I’m just waiting for the weather to turn the temperature down a few notches so I can sport boots and a sweater, then it will be time for all things apple and pumpkin related.  Also, I’m waiting for appropriate weather before I get my annual pumpkin spice latte 😉

Ok, time to find the camera so I can get a shot in today and get the whole Snapshot things going.  More good things coming in this space soon, INCLUDING all the awesome stories about how the Grand Fifth Anniversary Adventure went! (spoiler: it was amazing!)



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