Fall is Here! So why hasn’t the weather caught up?

I mean seriously?  I REFUSE to drink my annual PSL until the weather cools down.  So Internet it’s been a while… I’ve been lame, I really have! Ugh… let’s just move on.

Our weekend turned out to be more or less productive, and included acquiring the last of furniture we needed on Saturday after we had an awesome time in the morning watching our friend’s adorable 3 month old daughter for a couple hours.  So now we have all the furniture we require — including a new bigger desk for the desktop computer downstairs (which is in the process of being sanded down and stained darker), moved the other desk up to the office.  The futon mattress now has a frame to sit on, so reading (and the occasional nap) can take place in the office.  And finally we finally have chairs to go with our dining table – which are also being sanded and re-stained.  Best part is that we got everything on Saturday for under $60!  Thank you Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Seriously!

Between this past weekend’s purchases, the bookshelves and the tardis-file cabinet we were able to get what we needed for a lot less than we would have spent if we had bought everything new — like have you ever looked up the cost of a single new dining chair?  We did when we bought the couch (the only item of new furniture we’ve bought!), and holy crap!  We then spent a few weeks hitting up yard sales and antique shops, but either couldn’t find enough chairs in a set (2 to 3 were the most common), a set of 6 that was a good price, OR in good condition.  The chairs we ended up with DO need some TLC, BUT at $2 each I think the TLC is worth it.  Plus they’re really solid little things and I’m going to get the color I want!  Now I just have to remember to pull the last two out of the trunk of my car…

I’m hoping that by Friday we’ll at least have desk finished so I can more or less put things together for a home tour.  I’m really loving how our space is turning out.  Everything wall-wise won’t be up yet, we still need to frame a few things, but it will be more or less completely together, and I’m excited to show it off 🙂

Aside from adventures in buying furniture, things are still going.  I’m still looking for a job, and JP is still at his grad student stuff.  We’ve been talking about heading down to southern Indiana to see a really cool monastery, but aside from that it’s business as usual.


One thought on “Fall is Here! So why hasn’t the weather caught up?

  1. We were rather fortunate that much of our family saved items of furniture they were planning on getting rid of for us, and my parents bought us a dining set as a wedding gift. We still ended up buying a lot of new furniture (mainly book shelves and cabinets), and that was a lot. We probably spent over $2000 over the last year and a half on that stuff. It’s insane how much a book shelf is, even a little one!

    Glad you guys are settling in well, and good luck with the job hunt!

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