Holy November Batman!

Is it just me or did October speed by like a bullet train?  The month wasn’t too exciting for us, though the area about Bloomington did not disappoint with the fall foliage this year and we managed one small trip to see the Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Southern Indiana (post and pictures coming. promise!!)

Aside from that John Paul has been plugging away at the semester – have I mentioned that the crazy-head is taking THREE dead languages this semester in addition to teaching?  And I’ve been applying to jobs, made a couple runs to Indy for interviews and aside from that I’ve just been trying to get us fully settled into our new space, and haven’t been blogging – baaaad Lizzy. (especially since I haven’t posted so much as a teaser picture from The Grand Fifth Anniversary Adventure!)

So, November.  Oh November, while I’m looking forward to going to the Christkindlmarkt in Ferdinand Indiana and Turkey Day, I have to say, you are most definitely not the prettiest or my favorite month out of the year here.  November brings the cold soaking rains that make all the leaves fall and turn to mulch, and make evening walks wet and uncomfortable.  Then there’s the fog that we’ve had a couple mornings, creating some particularly scary driving conditions – thankfully most of the student population seems be asleep during the worst of it.

In between reading (I’ve been taking full advantage of having an awesome public library again), home stuff, and job applications/interviews I’ve been catching up on a little TV — I recently finished off Private Practice a couple weeks ago (the end on the series was just ok), and very recently I picked up BBC’s Call the Midwife which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Well, that’s it for now.  Like I hinted above, I’m going to get back to a more regular posting schedule, including details about that big trip we took as we exited Europe back in August.  😉



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